Asset and Property Valuation

We offer valuation services for a variety of purposes and in compliance with local (Tanzania) practice, current international valuation standards (IVS), accounting standards (IFRS), World Bank Environmental and Social Standards( ESS5) and IFC Safeguard Standards in the case of land acquisition and involuntary resettlement.

Land Advisory Services and Property Consultancy

Our team possesses broad skills on various aspect of land administration. We assist our clients on land titling procedures, transfers, dispositions, appeals etc. We advise large developers, financing companies on the intricacies of permit approval processes and requisite negotiations.

Development Appraisals

Over the years our consortium of real estate professionals has mustered skills on development appraisals. We advise our clients on viability of real estate/land development for new sites, redevelopment value of current property or just latent value stuck in the property, strategic options as regards development or redevelopment decisions.

Real Estate and Housing Research

The research team within the firm complements the consulting teams. Some of the researches are contracted by government, non-government organizations, foreign companies and institutions either wholly or as sub-consultant. Some of the accomplished researches are listed under research and publication.

Facilities Management

We Offer advisory facilities management services in two logistical areas-

  1. managing physical assets to support strategic and core business of an organization, outsourcing options in operational and maintenance service delivery for buildings and ground/landscape;
  2. contract management support services for leasing, housekeeping, securing, gardening, space allocation and management, emergency preparedness procedures, implementing safety and health at workplace. Our priority is to assist our clients to enable our clients to put in place efficient and effective support services for the primary business.

Agency Brokerage

Our real estate agency units assist individuals, firms and government department with all real estate issues either as buyers/renters or sellers/landlords. For buyers we look for property that meets their needs and budget, carry out due diligence of the found property, advise on funding method (mortgage or alternative arrangements, represent the buyer during all negotiations and overseeing transfers and tax payment procedures. For sellers, we do marketing/advertising of the property/asset, ensure the title to land is free from any encumbrances and if there are any, assist to clear them before going out for sale